The Pain of Self Discovery

Tonight’s session was bloody hard.


Felt like I was holding my heart on the outside of my body.

As she held space for me.

The very soul of me was crying out.

All I could manage was a solitary tear,

Escaping down my cheek.

Choking in my throat.

Filling up my empty chest cavity.

So much pain, feels like more than any one person could contain.

Feelings held captive for decades.

I do hope I have the strength to see this through. I couldn’t live in this space for long.

2 thoughts on “The Pain of Self Discovery

    1. That’s exactly what it’s like. Thank you. I’ve woken up totally exhausted and now I have to go to work and pretend I’m a different person to the one who was crying her eyes out last night… feels like an impossible journey at times!

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