You Make Sense

This is genuinely one of the most beautiful and healing things Anna has taught me so far in therapy.

I make sense.

She understands.

All the things I’ve done. All the thoughts and feelings. The maladaptive behaviours. The defence mechanisms. The coping strategies. The difficulties with trust. The pulling away and withdrawing. The needs. The attention seeking behaviours. The anger. The pain. Addictions. Self harm. Difficulties in relationships. Anxiety. Depression. Obsessive behaviours. Intrusive thoughts. All of it and so much more.

She said, ‘I understand that I only know a fraction of what you’ve experienced and in time, when you want to, you’ll share more… but going on what I already know, you make perfect sense to me. The way you are, the way you think, the way you behave… all the things you value, the people you draw near, the fears and anxieties… all of it – it all makes sense to me. I understand.’

It all makes perfect sense.

When you look at how you are, think and behave through the lens of what you experienced as a child, how could you not view it with compassion and understanding?

4 thoughts on “You Make Sense

  1. It is a gift. It’s like a mirage at the moment or a hologram or something illusion like that. It’s more vivid some times than others. I feel it the. It slips through my fingers then I catch it again. But that’s more than I had before 🥰

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  2. I so get what you mean by that. Every now and again I “realise” something and write or talk about it and then realise I’ve realised it before – but this time I reaalllyyyy realise it and suddenly it feels huge and obvious and important! Xx

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