You were always worthy

Maybe they couldn’t see it.

Your worthiness.

Maybe they never felt their own sense of worth.

So couldn’t bear to see it in you.

Maybe their pain drowned them,

Rendering them incapable of loving you.

Maybe no one had shown them their worth.

So they couldn’t afford to show yours to you.

Their inability to see you,

To see your worthiness.

To love you…

Their inability to meet your needs.

It was never about you.

It was always about them.

You were always loveable.

You were always so very easy to love.

You were always just right, as you were.

No need to change.

You were always worthy.

You were always worthy.


You were always deserving.

A hungry child doesn’t become less hungry,

When they’re not fed.

A worthy child doesn’t suddenly lose their worth,

Just because their worthiness isn’t met.

You are still worthy.

Now you can get your own needs met.

The biggest need of all…

Might be to grieve that you were in fact worthy,

All along.

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