It’s Not Fair

The past couple of sessions have been focused on present day relationships. I’ve been in a very adult place and there have been some pressing issues in my close relationships that needed to be picked apart.

So often, present day issues are ignored because the past feels urgent and like it has waited long enough. But recently it’s felt okay and right to talk about ‘today’. Of course, as Anna often points out, even when we’re not taking about my mother it is always about my mother. Repeating patterns in current relationships can always be traced back to her. How I expect to be treated. How I armour myself needlessly, in an act of wilful protection, as if by creating an impenetrable wall now could somehow protect the child of 30 years ago. I cannot go back in time, I cannot save her. But I am starting to listen. I am starting to pay attention, to feel, to hear and therefore to heal. By breaking down the seemingly innocuous details of present day irritations, arguments, unspoken rules, beliefs… I am gifted with a window into my past through the lens of Anna’s expertise and greater perspective.

Anna reminded me, as we finished up on Tuesday, that my mind will process in ways I can’t predict, and to be gentle with myself. The processing… it is happening now. I have felt great all day – actually had the thought that maybe I could reduce my sessions, that I haven’t had any overwhelming emotions threaten to drown me recently. Then tonight, completely out of the blue, I had the image in my mind of my teenage self coming home and not knowing what state I would find my mother in and I suddenly found myself crying on the bathroom floor, sobbing, ‘it’s not fair…’ over and over, silently. ‘I just wanted a normal mum… I wanted her to cook me dinner, to ask about my day, to care about me, to love me… it’s not fair.’ And there it is – the unpredicted processing, the grief flooding in through the cracks in the bathroom door and I’m gasping again.

What a twisted, meandering maze this recovery game is… and I know no one ever said life was fair but, it really isn’t fair at all!

9 thoughts on “It’s Not Fair

    1. Yeah, it really is shit. When I think of the amount of hours and money I’ve spent on recovering from something that wasn’t my fault in the first place. I know it’s worth it… but I could have done so much with that time and money!

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      1. I know! It really is just shit. I’ve spent £20K just on psychotherapy with K. Lord knows how much I’ve spent if we add in all the other hundreds of things I’ve tried. And now I’m stuck working full time in an unmanageable job because I can’t afford therapy without it. Therapy is definitely worth it but I so wish we both had never needed it!

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      2. It really does suck, but all I keep thinking, or trying to think, is that without therapy I wouldn’t have coped with work (or life!) for this long and then money really would be an issue… I am desperately trying to get out of debt (which paid for therapy) so I can afford to work less and still pay for therapy. It’s almost comic, but not… LOL

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  1. I totally get this. Those frozen feelings live deep inside of us until the right time comes for them to emerge into the light of day. No wonder therapy takes so long because the unconscious will not ‘unpack’ its truths quickly and the deep soul in us needs time to be truly recognised and felt.

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