I don't want you!

I took Anna’s advice and emailed her ‘living will’ or ‘working will’ colleague… I can’t rememeber the name… the person suggested to support Anna’s clients if she is unable through illness or death. Anna had said I should take support when offered if needed.

I emailed,

Hi Linda, Anna gave me your email address. Not sure what to say in this email… I’m finding it difficult not being able to speak to her just now. She suggested getting in touch with you. Regards, Lucy.

She replied first thing in the morning…

Good morning Lucy, Many thanks for your email. I’m sorry to hear your counselling is being affected by the impact of the pandemic.  I’m currently well and offering sessions via Zoom or phone to clients, so we could certainly have a initial discussion to clarify how support for you just now might look.  If you would like to go ahead with this, I have a session available tomorrow morning at 10am or on Saturday afternoon at 4pm. I would also honour the fee already agreed with Anna. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and well. Kind regards, Linda

Thank you for replying so quickly Linda, I really appreciate it. I would like to accept your offer of a session at 10am tomorrow. Please let me know your bank details. I can transfer the money in the morning. Ordinarily I would pay 24 hours before a session but I’m unable to do that just now. I hope that’s okay. Best wishes, Lucy

HI Lucy, You are very welcome. Please send me a Zoom link around 9.50am tomorrow and we can get connected for the session. If you’re not signed up for Zoom I can send you the link, whichever way suits. Take care and I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Linda

Hi Linda, I don’t have a Zoom account as Anna and I were going to have our first Zoom session tonight. We had only done phone sessions since stopping face to face. Do I need to download something for it? 
I’m feeling very anxious about speaking to you. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to build trust with Anna and I’m completely devastated at not being able to speak to her just now. 
I’m also concerned about how my husband and kids are going to stay out of the way for the session. I guess we’ll just need to see how it goes. 

HI Lucy, Thank you for being honest with me about this, we’ll take our time and get to know each other in these unprecedented circumstances. I’m sorry you are feeling devastated. You don’t need to download anything, I’ll send you a link tomorrow, just click on it and open any dialogue boxes it says to open. If I could encourage you to go with it, Zoom is pretty straightforward. if after tomorrow you prefer to use the phone then we can switch to that. Speak to you tomorrow. Linda

Okay Linda, thank you. I appreciate everything you’ve said. I’ll be there tomorrow morning. If for some reason it doesn’t work or the internet fails us or we can’t connect, my phone number is _____________.

So there it is. I feel like having the session tomorrow, even giving this other therapist a pseudonym, feels too much like I’m giving her a perminent feature in my life. I don’t want her, I want ANNA.

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