A person can be one thing and another. All at the same time.

I’ve been mulling this over all day. I’m nearing the end of ‘Maybe You Should Talk to Someone’ and this line hopped out the page. ‘A person can be one thing and another. All at the same time.’ And of course I know this and I’ve read it and heard it in different ways many times before. But sometimes an idea or thought or feeling has to reach us at exactly the right moment to be felt on a body level, to be taken in. Absorbed. I can be more than one thing at once.
And so here it is.
I am a nurturing and loving maternal figure.
I am a vulnerable and insecure grown child.
I am proactive and energised and have the power to affect change.
I am lethargic and fatigued and life feels like a chaotic mess.
I have knowledge, qualifications and experience that enables me to excel in my profession.
I have unhealed wounds that demand for stillness, hiding and safety.
I can be generous, kind and thoughtful.
I have moments of selfishness, resentment and bitterness.
I can seek connection, ask for help, reach out to others.
I have moments of deep introversion, the need for complete isolation and a fear of being seen and known.
I can run a family and a household.
I have experienced the dark depths of depressive all day bed-dwelling.
I hold an unending well of gratitude for my children.
I lack patience and crave space.
I am creative.
I need inspiration.
I am fiercely independent.
I can’t bear emotional loneliness.
I love.
I hate.
I have experienced anxiety, panic, overdrive, hypersrousal.
I have experienced numb, flatness, teen dysthymia, post natal depression.
I overthink. I over-feel.
I go blank. I dissociate.
I can be both ready and not ready. Feel confident and have reservations.
Feel strong and need support.
All of the varied facets, the delicate and multidimensional parts of me… they all dwell inside me and make up the complex and ever evolving person I am each minute of the day.
Things that I accept and in fact admire in other people, I have a hard time accepting in myself.
I am on a journey… recovery focused.
Head facing forwards with one eye on the rear view mirror.
No idea what’s ahead of me but certain it’s the right way to go.

12 thoughts on “A person can be one thing and another. All at the same time.

  1. This is fabulous! You are everything good in the world! Keep reflecting on all of it. PS. I love that book. My favorite part from it was the part about being stuck behind the bars, but choosing to make yourself go around them.

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  2. slantgirl

    I LOVED that book and it changed my therapy profoundly. Also, I love this list – when I saw it on your insta I had no idea you had composed it yourself! All these things are true for me too, and it’s beautiful to reframe the multitides as complementary, not contradictory.

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