Anniversaries in therapy can be so important, especially if the client happens to be incredibly sentimental and looks for meaning in everything… like me!

Last year, towards the end of August, Anna was reflecting on my progress and she said something about us working together for two years. She then said something like ‘well, nearly two years… September 16th!’ And I was totally stunned. I couldn’t believe she knew the date that I started working with her. I said something like ‘maybe if it’s a significant date for you like someone’s birthday then that’s why you remembered’ and she said, ‘it’s a significant date because it’s the day I met you!’ This was one of the most moving and memorable things she ever said to me, I honestly couldn’t believe she remembered.

Using the analogy of her being my ‘therapy mum’ it felt like the 16th of September was my therapy birthday and she was showing me how special me coming in to her life was. It felt joyous and loving. Like she was happy to have me there. Today would have been 3 years together. I know she’ll be thinking of me today, as I am thinking of her. Yesterday I was filled with heavy sadness about the approaching therapaversary and the grief poured out of me last night but today I feel connected to the gratitude and joy.

Working with Anna changed me, she changed my life forever. Even in her absence I’m still learning from the work we did together. I will forever love her for what she did with me 💕

4 thoughts on “Therapaversary

  1. This was very touching. Yesterday a throwback from my Journey app came up… and reminded me that yesterday, September 16th was exactly one year since I lost my previous therapist. I was just getting ready to leave for my appointment with my current therapist. I could have just burst out into tears. But on the way to my appointment, my heart became filled with gratitude for my new therapist and that I had a session with her on this date. It was bittersweet. Hugs to you Lucy!!! 💕

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