See you soon…

Spending the afternoon watching clouds… on Mark’s recommendation.

Reflecting on the past few sessions and how powerful and painful or has felt.

An incredibly intense session this afternoon. Managed to cry with Mark and feel his presence throughout (which is a huge achievement for me).

There is something so agonising about his kindness and being seen by him.

We talked about that.

It feels like the roots from old weeds and overzealous plants are being slowly ripped away from the flower bed I was planted in. Finally I have a little space to reach out and feel my ground without being suffocated by someone else’s overbearing needs.

I was aware of some different parts coming forward today and Mark was so responsive and attuned to each part exactly as they needed… it hurts so much but also feels like I can now take a deeper breath.

I am so grateful for the space and time and ability afforded to me, to be able to do this work. I can’t imagine being able to function without it.

I’m going to temporarily disable my account. Possibly just for the weekend but maybe a little longer. I’ll see you all on the other side.

There is a desire to stick around so much insecurity and discomfort coming up. But I need to try to slow things down a bit and quieten the external noise.

Thank you for all the beautifully connecting messages I’ve received recently. I’m very aware how so many of you care… these connections mean a lot to me and I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness and empathy.

☁️ ⛅️ ⛈ ☁️ 🌧

8 thoughts on “See you soon…

  1. LovingSummer

    I can truly understand that idea of ‘not being able to function without it’. You’ll be missed but will look forward do your return, whenever that is. Meanwhile, take good care 🤗❤️

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