The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. RUMI.

Hello 👋 it’s been almost 5 weeks… I’m popping on to reconnect and give an update but I’ll be taking another break shortly.

The time away from social media has been exactly what I needed. I have focused my attention on myself and my family. I felt a compulsion to mute the busy distractions of the online world and noticed a number of different responses inside when I did this. The initial reaction was discomfort and agitation… I was confronted with my life – raw and unfiltered. I found myself repeatedly looking for the apps in the early days. That impulse has eased recently and now I find myself more comfortable with the silences. The gaps where I am not entertained, busy, distracted, numbing. I feel more connected and awake… but I am also more aware of the dark corners. I am finding myself in these spaces and that brings up a whole host of different aspects of my self and my life that need attention.

My therapy has been intense. I am beginning to explore some core wounds that I never even uncovered with Anna. I am in the thick of attachment work. All of my parts are forming a deep connection with Mark and the transference is proving to be a fertile ground for our work. It feels delicate and intimate and very healing and deserving of space and patience and time.

I hope the start of this new year has been kind to all who have read this and that it continues to bring hope and light đź’•