You Make it Through

Dear Lucy of 2020…

You make it through.

You step back from the edge and you return to your life.

It’s slow and it’s painful and it feels like agony most of the time but you do it.

There are whole weeks swallowed up by the blackness. Months of crawling through tar. But you make it out alive.

You learn to trust again. You find your feet. You take a breath and you rejoin your family.

You find the tiny seed of hope inside you that’s charred but not obliterated and you dust it off and water it.

There is hope and there is love and there is light.

You make it through and you come out stronger.

I’m proud of you,

From Lucy 2021

10 thoughts on “You Make it Through

    1. It just really hit me today, it’s been exactly a year since we went into lock down. And if I could tell myself anything, a year ago today, this is what I’d say! 💛


  1. LovingSummer

    Really like the bit about ‘you rejoined your family’, I remember you taking that risk not knowing how it would pan out. Really nice that it paid off and you’re still doing so well. You are, and always have been, so immensely brave.


    1. It’s been an insane journey LS. Hasn’t it been the most incredibly fucking nuts year? For everyone. And a friend was saying to me today ‘I mean, you lost your therapist in the middle of a pandemic!!!’ And I was like 🤯 year… I still can’t believe all that’s happened. I honestly thought I would kill my self after Anna left. And March was hellish coz that’s when she went off sick and I had to work with Linda and I was terrified Anna was going to die… well anyway… it’s just crazy to think it’s been a year. Thank you for your kind words, it always feels lovely to read them 💕

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      1. LovingSummer

        Yea it has! Totally insane. You’ve really been through the ringer, it’s amazing you’ve come out of this year so incredibly intact!

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