Hi Anna,

It’s been twelve weeks since you phoned me to tell me you were closing your practice immediately. It feels like the world imploded in on itself and then you disappeared from my life. And now, after 5 months of lockdown, we’re trying to assemble some sort of normality and I am at my desk at work this morning as if nothing ever happened. Every Tuesday for at least two years I would carry this feeling inside me, ‘it’s okay coz I’m seeing Anna tonight’. I’m not seeing you tonight. This afternoon I have a session with Linda. The thing is… I wish it was you. Will I ever stop wishing she was you? I saw that you liked Linda’s most recent profile picture and it broke my heart in two. Everyone else in your life still gets to have your presence… everyone but me. If I didn’t love you so much I think the anger would set me on fire. It’s not fair.

Love Lucy x

11 thoughts on “11.08.20

  1. LovingSummer

    Owch, that really hurts to see Anna like something on Linda’s page. I mean, of course she’s still alive and has a life out there but wow, that’s really painful. So sorry Lucy 🤗♥️

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    1. Thank you RB 💕 hugs right back to you! Work has been surprisingly okay… with challenges. I’ll write about it I’m sure. Got a session in 45 mins 🤞 hoping she’s not annoyed about the email!

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